The Problem with The "Clearance" Find

Monday, May 23, 2016

Many shoppers like to peruse the "clearance section" at a store looking for bargains and deals. The problem with perusing clearance section involves intention. If your intention is to find a specific item that you need at a reasonable price then poking around at the clearance section may be warranted. If you're poking around clearance items looking for deals, then your intentions may not be warranted. The problem with looking for deals is that you may be wasting money. If it's an item you don't really need it may create extra clutter in your home, sit on a shelf gathering dust or sit in your closet rarely worn. Even if the item is only such-and-such price it's money wasted if it's something that you won't really use or want. If you are continually buying great deals on things you don't need, how much does that add up to over time? Clearance sections should be looked through with care. Items shouldn't be bought based off of price alone. When you're looking at an item to purchase, ask yourself the following questions:
  • If this item wasn't this price, would I want it? This is a key question to ask and more often than not you will find yourself putting an item back.
  • Will I use this item? Things in your home should be either useful, bring you joy or belong to someone else in the household.
  • Do I like/love this item?
If you ask yourself the above questions and the answers are "no", put the item back and walk away. Sometimes you will ask yourself those questions and then rack your brain for someone else that might want that item because you just can't walk away from such a great deal. This is a dangerous frame of mind - you're only looking for a excuse to buy something that someone else may not want and if you're continually doing this you're continually spending more money than you ought. Good deals happen all the time. If it's not something that you need or even want, put it back and let someone find it who will love that item. Beware of the "Clearance" find.
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