Giveaways to Enter

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Last week I posted how I won a few items from blog giveaways. Since writing that post, I've also won a $25 Target Gift Card, an entry to a great inflatable race and bath assortment. Entering giveaways may seem like a waste of time, but you never know, you could get lucky.

I also think one of the reasons I might have a bit of luck is that I have been trying harder to get closer to God by reading scriptures on a daily basis, helping my family to get closer to Him and being more grateful for the blessings that he has given me.

Here's a list of Giveaways to enter hosted by other bloggers/blogs:
$50 Kohls Gift Card (ends 2/28) 

$25 Gift Card to Sparrow Clothing (ends 2/28)
Mocc ons Slippers Giveaway (ends 2/28)
$50 Kohls Gift Card (ends 3/1)
$50 Jcrew Gift Card, Kate Spade Pouch, Jcrew wallet and bracelet (ends 3/1)
4-Tickets to Disney on Ice in Salt Lake City (ends 3/1)
$25 Ross Gift Card (ends 3/1)
$15 Little Caesar Gift Card (ends 3/1) 
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/4)
$50 Kohls Gift Card (ends 3/5) 
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/5)
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/5)
Candy Assortment (ends 3/5)
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/5) 
$50 Carter's Gift Card (Ends 3/6)
$15 Little Caesar Gift Card (ends 3/6)
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/10) 
Playtex  Diaper Genie Caddy (ends 3/12)
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ends 3/22)
$50 Carter's Gift Card (ens 3/26)

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