Home Emergency Escape Plan

Friday, February 28, 2014

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The other day, the fire alarm went off in our building. I had forgotten that they were doing tests. Instead of evacuating, I poked my head outside of our balcony to see what was going on and then I went and grabbed my son who was upset by the noise. After grabbing my son, I went out the front door and talked to my neighbor who assured me it was just the fire department testing the alarms.

If it had been a real emergency, I would have been in trouble and should have evacuated immediately with my son.

If you had to suddenly evacuate your home for a fire, flooding or other emergency situation, would you and your family know what to do?

A Home Emergency Escape Plan can help prepare you and your family for an emergency.

To develop a Home Emergency Escape Plan, as a family figure out the best escape route from different parts of your home. Every room needs two exits: a normal exit and an emergency exit. Remember to utilize doors, hallways and windows.

If you choose a window as an emergency exit, make sure you plan for a way to reach the ground safely. You many need to utilize an escape ladder or rope. If a window, doesn’t easily open, keep a hammer or something that can break glass easily in the room to utilize under an emergency situation.

Along with a route to escape, have a set meeting place for your family to gather a safe distance from your home.

Once you have a plan established, practice it on a regular basis so that your family is prepared for an emergency situation. You can even make a game of it, by timing everyone to see who can make it to the meeting spot the fastest.

A Home Emergency Escape Plan can help protect and save the lives of your family, it’s always better to plan and be prepared for trouble rather than being surprised by it.
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