Where to Get Modest Clothes in Boise

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I've found four places so far to find modest clothes for church in Boise:

Petersen's Clothing Store: Petersen's is a family owned store. They carry a few skirts, shirts, dresses and clothes for women. They also carry inexpensive and reasonable priced men's suits. I also like that they are not snobby. We've gone into a few men stores (Mens Warehouse) and found them too be a little bit snooty for our taste.

Deseret Industries: Deseret Industries is like a goodwill, but they have many modest clothing options for extremely reasonable prices.

Downeast Basics: Downeast Basics carries modest shirts, skirts, and dresses. They have a store in the Boise Town Mall and Meridian.

Seagull Books: Seagull Books has a surprising amount of shirts, dresses and skirts. The only downside is that they don't have a changing room available so you have to pull the skirt up over your clothes to try them on. They do have a reasonable return policy.

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