How My Toddler Learned His ABCs

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My toddler learned his ABCs in a couple of ways and I am sure there are several methods other than what we used.

1. Books - We read a lot of ABC books. I would point to the letter and state what the letter was called and make the sound for it. This was very helpful and helped me to learn his letters quickly.

2. Blocks - We liked to pull out ABC blocks and say the name of the letter and the sound. Sometimes I would ask my toddler if he could find a certain letter.

3. Noticing Letters Around Us - To help my toddler learn his ABCs I would point out letters on signs and ask them what they were. This helped him to realize that letters were on signs and not just in books.

What are some ways that you helped your toddler learn his ABCs?

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