Thanksgiving Craft

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's a great Thanksgiving Craft for families or kids - a Thankful Turkey. We made one for each member of our family. It's fun to hear what little kids are thankful for. My son had some sweet and funny things that he was grateful for. To make the Turkey:

You will need:
Brown, Yellow, Red and Orange Construction Paper


Cut two circles out of construction paper (one brown). Cut a triangle that goes to the center out of the brown construction paper. Put the brown circle on top of the other and poke a hole through the center and insert a brad in the hole. Write I am Thankful for on the brown circle and move the triangle shape around the other and write down things you are grateful for or ask your child what they're grateful for. Cut out a head, feathers, waddle, beak and feat and glue to the circle. Add an eye with marker.

What Thanksgiving Crafts do you like to make?

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