The Sheriffs of Savage Wells Review

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah Eden, Paisley Bell has been the acting sheriff of Savage Wells for several months, when the town council decides to see if anyone else is willing to take the job. Paisley's most concerned about the famed lawman, Cade O'Brien, who sees the new sheriff position as a perfect position for him to settle down away from rough and wild towns. Sparks fly when Bell and O'Brien argue, flirt and try to out-seat the other competition. Who will win the coveted sheriff position?

I've read all of Sarah Eden's books and I am a huge fan. I started on the books almost two years ago and quickly read all of them.]The plot was well organized and included a mystery, a heist, a worrisome parent, colorful townsfolk, feminism and more. I could easily visualize the town and the lives of characters though her writing. I think The Sheriffs of Savage Wells is an enjoyable and fun western. To learn more about The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, click here.

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