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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Darkest Summer, set in the stormy summer of 1816, tells a regency version of the mythological tale of Hades and Peresphone. Cora's (Peresphone) life runs according to her mother's plan and expectations. Cora dreams of freedom and becomes fascinated with the dark Duke of Blackdale. When her mother forbids further association with the Duke, the Duke takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps Cora. Cora faces a scandal and must decide what her future holds.

When I was first started reading, The Darkest Summer, I found it interesting that this novel followed the mythological tale of Hades kidnapping Peresphone. Sarah Eden's novel, Seeking Peresphone, also does a regency version of this tale. It was also interesting that the male protagonist was also named Adam like in Sarah Eden's novel. I looked up the name Adam in relation to Hades and according to the New World Encyclopedia, Hades was derived from Adam since he was the first to enter the land of the dead. Besides those two similarities, The Darkest Summer and Seeking Peresphone greatly differ in style, plot and characters. Adam in The Darkest Summer actually kidnaps the heroine, Cora, exactly like Hades kidnapping Peresphone in the Greek Myth. The kidnapping of Cora seems odd for a character whom the author tries to build up as a nice guy that cares about his servants, takes care of his family and past regiment, and is trying desperately to not be like his own abusive father. I think Hades is also known to take great care in his own realm, the underworld. It's hard to sympathize with a man that takes away someone else's freedom and to see him as a hero instead of a villain. The Hades and Peresphone myth is not an easy romance and it's hard to see it play out in a novel form. I wasn't sure if I liked Adam and most of the other characters in most of the novel, however, if Adam represents Hades and the other characters represent other mythological figures maybe I should be uncertain as to their likability. The Greek Gods weren't a very likable bunch. The more I think about the characters and the plot of the story the more depth there is to the book. Adam loses one brother to the sea like Hades brother, Poseidon. His other brother is married and has frequent affairs similar to Zeus. Cora means maiden and enjoys caring for plants like Peresphone. Cora's mother owns a vast farm and land similar to Demeter. The Darkest Summer should be a great book for a book club discussion. To learn more about The Darkest Summer, click here (and for a limited time get it for your kindle for only .99).

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