How We Save Money on Entertainment

Monday, February 19, 2018

I've had a couple conversations lately with different people on saving money on TV entertainment, phones, etc. It seems that if you have cable, landline phones, internet, cell phones it adds up to a pretty significant bill each month, $160-$180 (not including cell phones). To save money, my family pays for internet, we use cell phones, we have a Roku device that we use with free channels and pay for Netflix around $69 (not including cell phones). Cable and landlines are expensive. We find a lot of things we like on Netflix and we can borrow movies from the library for FREE. Our cell phone plan is with T-mobile so we often get to utilize their free T-mobile Tuesdays. They are some cheaper options, but we like T-mobile. Sometimes on T-mobile Tuesdays, they offer free VUDU credit for movie rentals, which I use to buy an episode or two of a TV show. We also don't buy a lot of movies. We've gotten a couple of Disney Movies from Blogger Giveaways. I post about different blogger giveaways monthly and they're worth entering.

What are some tips you have to save money?

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