Prepping Kids for Emergencies

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

There are several things that you should teach your child before an emergency situation arises. I've been working with my toddler and preschool to help them be prepared in case something happens or comes up:

1. Their Address: I remember a story not too long where a 3-year old got lost in a corn maze and couldn't answer a policeman's questions. Kids should learn to answer basic questions that a policeman might ask them if they're lost. I have worked with my kids so that they know their address. My two year old and four year old know where their address so if something happens they can tell a policeman where they live. Or if they call 911, they can tell them our address.

2. Parents Names: I've also worked with my kids so that they know my first and last name and my husband's. If a police officer asks them who their parents are, then they will be able to answer.

3. Where to Go If There's a Fire: If there's a fire you should have a meeting spot outside so all the family members know where to find each other. If your fire alarm goes off, you should also practice going outside and meeting in that spot. If you ignore your fire alarm when it goes off because the batteries are dead or a different non-emergency situation, your kids might learn to ignore it to and not leave the house when there's a real emergency.

4. Familiarize Your Kids with What Emergency Workers Look Like: We point out what a police officer looks like to our kids so that they know who to look for in case of an emergency. We've also been on Fire Station Tours so that our kids know what Firemen look like with their full gear on and to let them know that if there's a fire it's okay to go to them. Firemen with the full gear on are pretty scary to kids and it's important that they understand not to hide from them in an emergency situation.

5. How to Dial the Phone: I've been working with my preschooler on how to dial my phone and telling him if mommy or daddy are hurt, use the phone to dial 911. We obviously can't practice dialing 911, but we can practice learning to dial numbers and getting used to the phone.

6. If Something Doesn't Seem Right Get Mom and Dad: We had something bubbling over and smoking a little on the stove. My son recognized that something what wrong and yelled for daddy to come fix it. It's important for kids to realize that if something doesn't seem right that they should come to mom and dad and tell them immediately.

What are some ways that you've prepped your kids for emergency situation? What are some of your tips?

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