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Monday, November 4, 2019

September 1400
 King Richard II of England is dead. And after three years in His Majesty's service, Rhys ap Tudor and his brother Gwilym are finally free to return to their ancestral home in North Wales. Their long anticipated homecoming is overshadowed, however, by the harsh changes they encounter in their once peaceful land. The new king, Henry IV, rules with an iron fist, and the country is ripe for rebellion. Instantly thrust into the forefront of the conflict, the proud Tudor brothers enter the fight for their freedom.

Lady Catrin Buckley is alert to the unrest swirling around her. As the daughter of an English father and a Welsh mother, she knows too well the trouble her lineage poses. Her own battle, however, is one of the heart: she is to be married to a man she neither knows nor loves. Then an unexpected encounter with the enigmatic Rhys ap Tudor changes everything. Soon, Catrin finds herself swept into a rebellion that could not only change history but also rewrite her own future.

Review - The Heart of a Rebellion was an interesting, exciting, captivating read. The Welsh culture seemed to come alive in this book and it was interesting to see the strategy that the Tudors took to fight for their country. The romance was played out well. It wasn't rushed and it didn't drag on long. The timing in the book was well executed. The characters were interesting and engaging. I wanted to cheer in their victories and successes. If you read this book, I would highly suggest reading the notes in the back. It was interesting to hear Bessey's commentary on the historical facts behind this book and I would love to learn more about this history in time. If you would like to read more books about this time period or the Welsh culture I think Shakespeare's play Richard the II and Julie Danes' Eleanor and the Iron King would really compliment The Heart of a Rebellion. This is a must read for those who enjoy romance, adventure and heroic escapades. To learn more about The Heart of a Rebellion, click here.

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