A World Without You Book Review

Monday, November 1, 2021

With a video channel that gets millions of views, Sara Hawthorne is the authority on convincing women around the world to live their best lives. If only she was practicing what she preached… She’s never felt a part of her perfect family, and the only person who truly knows her is her best friend, Rohan, who’s in love with her.

And she doesn’t feel the same way.

After her mom kicks her out of the house with an impossible task to earn her inheritance, Sara takes a job in the family hotel and crashes on Rohan's couch until she can find her own place. The more time she spends with him, though, the more Sara starts to question how she feels about Rohan, and she's hit with heartbreak when he starts dating someone who totally deserves him.

Trapped between her love for him and her desire to see him happy in his new relationship, Sara does everything she can to hide her feelings. But doing so risks the only friendship she's ever known, and letting Rohan live his best life might mean she has to live in a world without him.

While better enjoyed as a series, each of the Terms of Inheritance books can be read as standalones.

A World Without You is the third book in Dana LeCheminant's Terms of Inheritance series. I haven't read these books in order, so, I found that you can read these books as standalones without feeling lost in the series. This is a clean and wholesome contemporary romance book. The story focuses on Sara and her struggles to come to terms with herself, her inheritance, feelings and the past. I felt like the author had to unpack a lot of Sara's baggage for the reader to understand her and where she's coming from. Sara's a complex character who changes as the reader gets to know her and develops throughout the story into a stronger character. Sara isn't a character without flaws, but you can see how she continually tries to work on herself and figure things out. I like how you see good qualities in Sara develop and overcome the bad ones. The book seems to work out how to find your strengths and goodness inside of yourself. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read, relaxing and entertaining. I liked that there were lessons I could pull out of the story. To learn more about A World Without You, click here.

Please note that I received a free ebook to review, however, this is my honest opinion. This post contains Amazon affiliate links that help support the maintenance of this blog. This post is in cooperation with the author.

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