Pregnancy - Wouldn't it be nice?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Being pregnant is hard and there are a few things I was thinking of that would make it easier for a pregnant woman:

1. Pregnant Woman Parking Spot: Babies R Us has convenient parking spots for expectant mothers. It would be nice if groceries stores and retailers would also make a dedicated parking spot for expectant mothers.

2. Service to Carry my Groceries Home: The clerks at the grocery store always look at my load of groceries, then my belly and ask if I need help getting in the groceries to my car. I always say no, since I have a cart that I can push up to my car fairly easily. The real trouble occurs when I have to carry everything I bought up three flights of stairs to my apartment. It would be nice if they offered to carry my groceries to my apartment and since that's not going to happen, I've resorted to nightly grocery shopping with my husband.

3. Better Adjustable Bra: As your chest gets bigger when you're pregnant you have to run out to the store to buy new bras, it would be nice if you could get one bra that adjusts to different cup shapes, has a longer back strap to adjust according to width, and then also can be used for nursing.

4. Fully Adjustable Bed and Chairs: It's hard to sleep at night when you're pregnant and to get completely comfortable. It's even hard to get comfortable during the day. It would be nice if there was a bed and chair that was designed with the comfort of a pregnant woman in mind. The cost of the product would probably exceed the need, but wouldn't it be nice?

What are some of the things that you can think of that would make pregnancy easier?
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