How to Encourage Kids to Enjoy Reading

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My kids love reading books, looking at the pictures, being read to, looking at new books and reading the same books over and over again. Here are some ideas on how to encourage your kids to love reading:

1. Be The Example: Let your kids see you reading a book and enjoying it. If they see you reading, they're more likely to try it themselves.

2. Have Books Around to Read: Have plenty of books available in your house for kids to read.

3. Go to the Library Frequently: The library is a great place for kids to explore new books, new interests and to seek out books on their own.

4. Read throughout the Day: The guideline for reading to kids is about 20 minutes a day. We usually read at different intervals during the day when the kids want a break from playing, during learning time, before naptime and etc.

5. Seek out the Books They Love: There are times my kids love a certain book at the library so we try and find more books on that theme or author. We've also bought a couple of well-loved favorites. Sometimes, it's not books that I love or would call quality literature, but it's important for them to be able to read what they are interested in. Nobody wants to be forced into reading things that they find unappealing or boring.

6. Talk About Books: Ask them questions about the books that they read and let them rehash their favorite details.

7. Turn off the Screens: Kids really don't need screen time every day. Playing outside, playing with toys, art projects and books are plenty to keep them occupied and if the screen isn't on they're more likely to pick up a book.

What are some of your ideas?

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