Learning Time with Rosie's Walk

Monday, January 15, 2018

 We read Rosie's Walk and did the following learning activities:

1. We sorted Chickens (from clip art program in Word) from small to big.

2. Matched objects with the letters: Chicken for C, Fox for F, Barn for B, etc.

3. Circle the objects (I put several clip art on a word doc: cake, corn, barn, chicken, etc) that begin with the letter C.

4. We also played the Chicken Grid Game from the book
More Than Counting: Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten. I substituted corn kernels with popcorn kernels. This book is awesome. It makes learning math fun for kids.

5. I also went over under/over/through/around with my kids by making it into a game. I would say can you go through the doorway, over the box, around that toy, under the table. They loved it and asked to play it again and again.

We really enjoyed reading Rosie's Walk. It's a cute, fun, easy to read story.

What are some of your favorite learning activities?

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