A Tip On A Stain Remover Not to Use

Monday, July 8, 2013

From FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I forgot to check my husband's pockets when doing laundry and lo and behold there was chocolate in one of his shirt pockets. The chocolate in his pocket swirled and whirled in the washing machine until it was all over a nice white load of laundry. I didn't notice it until after I had dried them in the dryer and started folding the clothes. I looked online for a stain remover solution and something online said to use liquid dishwasher detergent so I decided to try this method. I filled a bathtub with water and liquid dishwasher detergent and let it sit in the tub. Unfortunately, during the time that it sat in the tub some of the shirts bleached out and not in a good way. The dishwasher detergent helped to get some of the chocolate out, but not all of it. I wouldn't recommend using dishwasher detergent as a stain remover. I finally soaked the clothes in no name brand oxy-clean for four or five soakings in the washer until most of the chocolate was out. It still didn't help the shirts with bleach marks.
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