Tutorial for a Baby Bow Tie

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I had some scrap fabric and wanted to make a baby bow tie. I've been seeing the baby bow ties on pintrest and etsy and they are so adorable!

1. I took scrap fabric and cut it to the width and length I wanted.
After I cut it to the desired length, I folded the fabric with the outside
showing and sewed the ends together.
2. I then turned the fabric inside out and sewed the ends
3. I then positioned the ends in the middle and trimmed off any
excess fabric.
4. I then pinched the middle together.
5. Sew the pinched middle (so it stays).
6. Fold a smaller piece of fabric in thirds for the bow's middle.
Cut and make desired width and length.
7. Sew ends together and flip inside out so the seam is on the inside.
Slide the middle of the bow tie over the bow tie.
8. Finished bow.
9. Attach it to a onesie. If you've made a onesie cardigan,
you can put this onesie underneath it.

Here are some other tutorials that helped me - Cedars and Tiny Flowers and Kate Anfinson Photography.
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