How My Husband Continually Saves Me

Friday, July 19, 2013

My husband is my hero. He constantly comes to my aid when I am distress and calms my panic.

When I was in Walmart doing grocery shopping by myself and felt a sudden wave of morning sickness and felt if I moved an inch all of the contents in my stomach would wrench, he walked to Walmart to help put the groceries in the car and get me home.

When I had morning sickness outside of a mall, he blocked the view so people couldn't see what I was doing and helped hold my hair back.

A few weeks ago, my tire blew on a busy Austen roadway, he drove over to come save me. Luckily, a police officer stopped right after my husband got there and helped us both. I was pretty shaken up and scared after that and he calmed me down and eased my fears.

Yesterday my car wouldn't start and I left my cell phone at home, I called him to see if I should call a tow truck and he drove over to come help me. He jump started my car twice in horrible rain fall, didn't get angry when I was nervous about steering as he eventually had to push my car out of everyone else's way, and wasn't frustrated that after being beyond soaking wet we had to call the tow truck to come pick up the car.

I consider my self pretty lucky to have him and I know for sure that not only is he a bird hero, but he's my hero as well.
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