Cardigan Onesie

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've been seeing these cute cardigan onesies on Pintrest for little boys. There's a couple of shops on Etsy that make them. The prices range from $20 - $30 for them. I googled a tutorial for it and found one that seemed pretty easy to follow from Baby Making Machine. Despite the tutorial seeming easy, I still managed to make a mistake on the shoulder, but hopefully it won't be noticeable enough. My mother-in-law had gotten the baby some baby clothes on clearance at Wal-mart and I went there too where I found more onesies for the baby that only cost a $1. If you're going to make a cardigan onesie, I suggest you find a onesie to use from off of a clearance rack in case you mess-up so that way the project is not a complete waste. I would also suggest using the size bias tape as suggested in the tutorial. I used a smaller size bias tape, which I think made it harder to work with.
Created a point in the middle of the
onesie parallel to the armpit area then
draw v lines up to the top edge and
straight line down to the bottom.

Cut along the lines you created
and add the bias tape. See
the tutorial on Baby Making
Machine for more information.

Finished Cardigan Onesie
Made With Love By The Dutch Lady Designs