Movies that Inspire You to Be a Better Parent

Monday, July 29, 2013

Parents struggle to know what to do and how to raise their kids. Sometimes we need a little inspiration. Here are some movies that might help and inspire you to be a better parent.
  1. Finding Nemo demonstrates why a parent shouldn't be a helicopter parent like Marlin and to let your kid grow and learn on his own. Fear and over protectiveness will only push your child to do something drastic "like to touch a boat." Marlin also helps Nemo's deformity seem more like a positive then a negative when he calls it his "lucky fin."
  2. Jungle 2 Jungle shows why a parent shouldn't have their whole focus on work and spend time getting to know their child.

  3. Pursuit of Happyness demonstrates a father's struggle against all obstacles to make life better for him and his son.
  4. Hook shows Peter Pan having lost who he was and placing work above the welfare and care of his children.
  5. Life is Beautiful features a Jewish father trying to find humour and beauty and life to protect his son in a Nazi prison camp.

  6. The Blind Side demonstrates a mother's ability not only to mother her own child, to help a boy that has no one.
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