Meaningful Movies for Kids

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Movies aren't a substitute for teaching your child strong and good moral values, but they are a good way to influence your kids and have a meaningful impact them when you are watching a movie together. Here are some top picks for movies that might benefit your kids:

  1. Pollyanna is about an orphan who moves to a new town and slowly changes the town to be more glad by teaching them the glad game. This movie teaches that being glad is a choice and how to choose to be more glad.
  2. Angels in the Outfield is about a boy who prays that the Angels will win the pennant so that he can have a family. This movie shows that God answers prayers, even if it's not the way you expected it to be.
  3. Finding Nemo teaches kids never to give up and it's not good to let your fears debilitate you from living life. As Dory would say, "You know what you gotta do when life keeps you down? Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming."
  4. Pinnochio teaches kids to listen to their consciousness and to tell the truth. This one might be a good one to watch after you read the fairy tale with your child and discuss why its always better to tell the truth.
  5. Beauty and the Beast demonstrates that beauty isn't based on outside appearances, but it's whats on the inside that counts.
  6. The Lion King teaches a valuable lesson on the circle of life and that even if someone dies doesn't mean their memory dies too.
  7. Wall-E teaches us to appreciate nature, recycle and reuse, perseverance, constantly exercise and to appreciate life outside of technology.
  8. The Wizard of Oz  teaches that there's no place like home and a home is where your loved ones are.
  9. A Little Princess teaches that no matter your circumstance that you can still be a princess on the inside by being a good person.
  10. The Land Before Time teaches cooperation, caring for others, perseverance and tolerance as five dinosaurs travel to find their families.
  11. Mulan teaches children about honoring family and loved ones and finding the beauty within yourself.
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