How My Husband Saved A Bird

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Bird Family (Parents on left, baby on right)

We were sitting in the living room/dining area of our apartment and we heard a weird thumping sound and then birds chirping nosily from outside our door. My husband went to investigate and found that the nest near the apartment stairwell had come crashing down and left a very frightened little bird cowering near the the outside of our apartment. My husband was nervous that the cat that likes to hang around our apartment building would find the little bird. We looked online and saw that it was safe to handle a bird and put it back in the nest. There's an old folk tale that if humans touch a baby bird that the momma bird won't come back to the nest. That's apparently untrue. So, he placed the nest back up where it belonged and picked up the baby bird who rested calmly on his finger and put the baby back in it's nest. The parents took care of the bird and the bird is now happy and able to fly on it's own. We think the bird might be a barn swallow.

A few days later, my mom posted on her Facebook Page a video about a boy who takes care of a baby hummingbird.

My sister-in-law also had a chance to rescue a bird once and took it to a vet for it to get taken care of. So, I guess if you see a bird in need, help it out.
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