Healthy Home Company Review

Friday, March 20, 2015

Are you looking for great and safe products? Healthy Home Company offers products made with organic, toxic-free, and all natural ingredients. Products range from personal care, cleaning, skin care and wellness products. Their products will keep your home toxic-free.

I met with Brianne Walter a rep with the Healthy Home Company who shared how safe the ingredients in their products are for your home. Their products are safe for children, pregnant women and anyone in your household. Brianne gave me a hand sanitizer to try and it was wonderful. The Sanitizer was easy to use and didn't smell like strong chemicals or alcohol. The sanitizer is non-alcoholic, effective against virus and bacteria, uses Osha Root, and helps eliminate odor.

If you're curious to see if your home is toxic, you can take a test here.

If you're interested in buying Healthy Home Products, click here.
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