Tracy Aviary Review

Friday, March 27, 2015

I won free passes to Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah from Utah Adventure Giveaway. We decided to go and check it out. I am not sure how many Utahans know about it. My husband thought it was an hour or two from Salt Lake City and he's from that area! The Tracy Aviary is amazing! My
whole family loved it. My son (16 months) loved the birds that roamed freely, feeding the ducks and their lawn chairs that they have out for people. There wasn't very many people there, so we let him walk around and he loved it. He was so fascinated by the birds that were within eye level. If the birds were higher up, he didn't have any interest. The Tracy Aviary has so many different birds. The peacocks and a few others roamed freely. I've never seen so many birds in my life. Each of the birds had their own personality and style - we saw one bird "playing" with a Barbie car. 
If you plan on going to the Tracy Aviary I would recommend bringing:
  • A Camera to take pictures
  • Quarters to Feed the Ducks 
  • Water Bottles for Drinking (especially if it's hot out)
  • Sunscreen
The Tracy Aviary is affordable too. The admission for Adults is $7, kids 3-12 $5 and under 2 is free. I think 2-3 hours is a good time frame to look around (less or more depending on your pace).

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