How to Get Rid of Ink off Painted Walls / Window Ledge

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yesterday, my little toddler found a leaky ink pen and somehow smeared it on his face, hands, arms
and all over our window ledge within a matter of seconds. Immediately, I threw away the offending pen, washed his arms and face, and checked his mouth for ink.
I didn't realize he had covered the window ledge with ink until several hours later. First, I tried rubbing alcohol and that just made a smeary mess. Since that didn't work, I googled how to get rid of ink and saw that there were recommendations to use hair spray or a magic eraser. Hair spray did absolutely nothing to the stain, however the magic eraser worked with a lot of scrubbing. I cut the magic eraser down to make it easier to use. I ended up using five magic erasers, but the stain is gone. If you ever find an ink mess on your hands, I would highly recommend using magic erasers.

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