Why should you join a Reward Program?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reward programs are an excellent way to save money. Reward Programs may seem like a drawback to some people who don't want to keep track of codes, points or carry an additional card around with them, but the benefits from being a member of brands far out weigh the negatives.  I am a member of a vast number of reward programs. Here are some of the ones I belong to:
  • Pampers Reward Program - I actually joined the Pampers Reward program before I had any kids. Pampers often offers free codes for points through their Facebook and Twitter pages. They also have codes in their diaper packages and wipes. The codes in the diaper packages and wipes do expire within a year. In February, I opened a few in my stash so I could redeem the points. I have redeemed my rewards twice in the past year and a half (since having my son) for a potty training seat that sits on the toilet and a puzzle. Pampers makes it easy to rack up points and save up for something you want. I only wish that you could redeem the points for diapers and wipes. Most of their rewards are toys or books.
  • Disney Movie Rewards - If you like Disney Movies at all, this program is a must. Disney Movie Rewards sends out codes for free points via email and twice a month offers rewards to answer Disney trivia via an app on their Facebook. Sometimes they have a promotion to gain more points during holidays or movie/dvd releases. I don't buy a ton of Disney movies and I've redeemed enough points for two dvds.
  • Kellogg's Family Rewards - Kelloggs Family rewards will often offer free codes for reward points and they have codes in most of their products. The codes can be redeemed for a variety of things, but I often redeem mine for $1.00 off coupons. When you stack this high value coupon with a great sale, you can get things pretty cheap. For example Target had Cheez-it Crunch'd on sale for $2.50, I stacked 50% off with Target Cartwheel and a $1.00 off coupon from Kellogg's Family Rewards making the Cheez-it Crunch'd .25 cents.
  • Coke Rewards - We don't drink a lot of soda in our household, but occasionally I get a Powerade Zero. It's my favorite workout and I am not feeling so great drink. Most Coke Products have a code on the lid. When you enter into their site, you can redeem for coupons for free products and a variety of things. I have used this several times and I hold my points until they have a special promotion like getting a 12-pack of soda for 30 points.
  • Huggies Rewards: Every box of Huggies diapers and wipes has a code for their reward program. It's hard to rack up enough points to redeem anything, but if you buy diapers it does add up. I recently redeemed points for a 24-pack of diapers.
  • Driscoll's Consumer Panel: This is by far one of my favorite reward programs. Most Driscoll's (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) products have a code on the bottom of the container. If you go to this link and fill out a survey, they will email you a coupon for your next purchase of their berries. Driscoll also has tiered levels: get a .50 coupon for every 4 surveys, 5-15 surveys = .75 coupon,  and 16+ = a  $1.00 off coupon. Last year when we were in Texas HEB had several sales where blackberries were a $1.00 or strawberries were a $1.50, I was either getting berries for free or cheap once I reached that 16+ goal. My family eats berries a lot so we reached that goal fairly quickly.
  • JcPenney Rewards: I signed up for JcPenney Rewards about a year ago and I don't shop there alot, but I am starting to more. If you are a member of JcPenney Rewards and they have your mailing address sometimes they send you a $10 coupon off of anything over $10. Now sometimes people go crazy and spend a few hundred and are excited to get $10 off. I only buy a little over $10 or sometimes a little under. I shop the clearance racks and/or the sales. With that $10 coupon, I am spending less than what I would spend at Walmart, Target and/or a thrift store.
  • Kohls Yes2You Rewards: Kohls has a reward program (not their credit card) and for every $100 you spend you get a $5 reward coupon. They also send you coupons via mail and email. I think they send you a $5 coupon on your birthday. The coupons are worth it. My husband needed some work clothes and we went to Kohls and a month later we got a $10 reward. The $10 reward I stacked with a $10 off $30 off coupon helping me to get a fabric shower curtain and kitchen towel for far less than I would of spent on a clearanced fabric shower curtain at Target and/or a brand new one at Walmart. Kohls.com also allows you to stack up to four coupon codes (as long as they don't overlap or similar) and you can earn money back from Kohls via ebates.
  • Red Robin Royalty Member: On your birthday, Red Robin will send you a coupon for a free burger. Also, your 10th burger that you buy using your membership card is free.
What reward program do you belong to?

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