Setting a Routine and Super Retinol Concentrate Giveaway

Friday, March 6, 2015

Before going to bed most of us have a set routine that helps prepare us to sleep and to wind the night down. A set routine helps establish consistency and practice good habits. Here are some ways to help establish a good routine.

  • Create a standard of accomplishments that you want to do before going to bed by making a checklist or mental note.
  • Practice making the routine a habit by doing it daily. To help motivate you, create a reward system.
  • Think about why you want to establish a routine – will the routine help you feel more accomplished, healthier, organized, be a better example to your kids?
There are many different tasks that you can include in a set routine ranging from brushing your teeth, flossing, washing your face, using moisturizer, using anti-age cream, praying, reading, making sure the dishes are done, etc. Find a routine that feels right for you.

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