Rewards for Surveys

Monday, March 9, 2015

There are a couple of companies that offer rewards for doing surveys. Rewards can range from points for gift cards, money in your pay pal account and etc. Here are the ones I use, but there are many more:
  • SurveyU: This is one of the best survey sites. It’s really easy for me to accumulate enough points to redeem for paypal cash or amazon gift card.
  • Harris Poll Online: This one has really long surveys, but you can save points and get gift cards. I have used this one for several years. 
  • Erewards: This one lets you redeem points for airline miles, hotel points or an American Eagle gift card.
  • Crowdtap: Crowdtap has quick survey questions, questions, reading and commenting on campaigns that rack up to points. The points get put into a drawing each month for gift cards. They also sometimes have product samplings that you need to post online about and get points towards the drawing. We’ve gotten several gift cards from crowdtap. I usually win an amazon gift card and I enter it into my amazon account and keep doing it each month until I have accumulated a huge chunk and get things that we need. I’ve saved up gift cards to help pay for Christmas presents, my son's mattress and crib. It’s hard to keep up with, but I try and do all the “quick hits” for the month.
Surveys can take a lot of time, but the rewards can be beneficial for your family or help give you some extra spending money/gift cards. They can also be fun. I love sharing my ideas with brands and companies. Give it a try and see what you think!
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